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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

'Whitstable Wind Farm' from sketch to print: first sketches

Initial scamps (thumbnail sketches) of my Windfarm print
I first tried a square format in my sketchpad on my train journey to work today. In the spirit of the golden age of travel posters and with my graphic designer hat on, I was interested to see how the sails might join up to make the letter 'W' and assumed a square format would help with the geometric layout. Bearing in mind that this will be  a print and not  apainting, I was keen to keep it fairly simple. As you can see from the left-hand page, however, the face-on perspective wasn't yielding many good results. It's not until I tried a new perspective, literally, that things started to look sufficiently dynamic. As per the final scamp, top right. My dilemma now is that to the uninitiated, the sails of the turbine may not register as such as they are cropped down. However, I will explore it further. Blue Bic biro on sketchpad.

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