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Fiona’s red shoes

Our first wedding anniversary today and traditionally this anniversary is represented by paper, so what better keepsake than a homespun card with an original watercolour on it. The Langton 300gsm (rough), to be precise. Happy 1st anniversary Fiona ;)

St Pancras Renaissance Hotel

I’ve been freelancing at St Luke’s agency between London’s King’s Cross and Euston stations for a few weeks. Sitting in the sunshine at The British Museum over a week ago I attempted to sketch this ludicrously complex building in my lunch hour. It’s now known as The Renaissance Hotel, built in 1873 in an ornately gothic style. A bit of a textbook mistake as it was far too ornate to complete even just the linework in one lunchtime!

Since that day, we’ve experienced a rather typical British June. Blustery showers and wind! So I’ve not been able to complete the sketch until today when the sun was out and big, billowing clouds filled the sky. Which is far more interesting than a blank blue one, of course.

It had rained earlier today, so my previous perch atop a stone wall was unusable. So, standing up in a windy corner, I completed the painting. This stage much easier than the drawing bit. I had used a sketching cartridge pad, (Daler-Rowney Fine Grain Heavy) but it’s only 200gsm, not really…

Fish and Fry (digital art)

A favourite theme. Following on from a traditionally-painted white ink sketch of the same subject I did sometime ago, I thought I would exploit the benefits of digital art in that the small fish representing the adult fish's scales are easily reproducible. 'Fry' are newly-hatched fish, by the way ;) Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch digital art.

Square pics for Mosaic: Skier

My wife Fiona, a photographer, produces PhotoMosaics, personal, framed multi-image prints made up of a medley of photographs. These are commissioned by families or schools. Dotted throughout these photos are these small square paintings, representing aspects of a school or family, in this particular case, a family pastime/sport. Sometimes this is because the original image would be too fussy, inappropriate or just wouldn’t look as nice! Winsor and Newton watercolours on Green and Stone watercolour sketchpad.

Sketched in the City: Paolozzi's Newton sculpture

A London Lunchtime sketch. I have been freelancing in the King's Cross are of London at St.Luke's agency and The British Library is very close by. This is a sketch of Sir Eduardo Paolozzi'sNewton bronze sculpture in the grounds of the library. Paolozzi based this piece on Wiliam Blake's drawing of Newton and the sculptor portrayed the scientist as part-robot in a tribute to the melding of art and science. You can see the scale of the piece by the small figure bottom left, eating his lunch. Pencil and Conté crayons on Kraft paper sketchbook (Paperchase).