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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hand-painted Easter eggs

‘Freckly Ed’  © Peter Gander 2013

A trio of hen eggs  © Peter Gander 2013

The banner on the reverse of the middle egg  © Peter Gander 2013

The ‘Clarence Court’ crown emblem

The egg sits on a steadying ring made of BluTac

Resting my hand on a higher-than-the-egg surface for a steady and comfortable position

The BluTac ring is slightly stick as well as malleable, so holds the egg firmly
What could be more fitting than a handcrafted egg as a gift for Easter? The pastel-blue egg on the outer edges are ‘Clarence Court’ Old Cotswold Legbar eggs. The centre one has been painted with black ink, left to dry then painted again in white gouache, with letters added in the white banner with black ink.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Cheeseboard detail shots

© Peter Gander 2013

© Peter Gander 2013

© Peter Gander 2013

© Peter Gander 2013

© Peter Gander 2013
Close-up shots of our 'Cheese, glorious cheese' cheeseboard.

Monday, March 18, 2013

‘Cheese Glorious Cheese’ cheeseboard

‘Cheese Glorious Cheese’ melamine cheeseboard  © Peter Gander 2013
Perfect for proffering a slab of ‘Stinking Bishop’, or a Kentish blue cheese, or whatever strikes your cheese-loving fancy. This is our new ‘Have a Gander’ cheeseboard, hand-drawn in Kent by yours truly and printed in Great Britain on melamine in classic British pub ‘chalk and blackboard’ style. Available soon on Etsy (International) and Folksy (UK) under ‘Have a Gander’ and for sale from the artist himself this week at Country Living’s Spring Fair at The Business Design Centre, Islington, London, UK Wednesday 20th March to Sunday 24th March 2013.