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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Valentine’s cuppa

The Valentine’s rubber stamp image  © Peter Gander 2013

Using a proper cuppa as inspiration (ink drawing in corner)
For our Have a Gander business, I drew this design for a line of hand-printed Valentine’s cards for lovers and tea-lovers. The original drawing was done in Indian ink and scratch (dip) pen, visible in the corner. I used a dainty tea cup as reference, colour was added in Photoshop for the mock-up above. The real thing will be turned into a rubber stamp and individually hand-inked and printed onto card.

Monday, January 07, 2013

East of London Bridge

‘East of London Bridge’  © Peter gander 2013
Looking east downriver of the Thames towards WWII battleship, The HMS Belfast (where my parents once took me when I was about 12) and Tower Bridge behind it, backlit by the low morning sun. The pointed tower of Canary Wharf, where I am currently freelancing at Ogilvy & Mather, seen in grey in the background. A simple combination of two favourite colours, Winsor & Newton Payne’s Grey and Cerulean Blue capture the essence of the morning light. A dryish brush dragged across the tooth of the mould-made paper acheives the sparkly water effect. The shelter, by Hay’s Galleria at London Bridge (south side) is just by the Clipper pier where I get my morning boat to the Wharf, a mere 10 minute ride, despite the fact that the tower looks like it’s a hundred miles away down the snaking river. Winsor & Newton watercolour and waterproof pen on 210gsm handmade Indian Khadi paper sketchbook.

Lottie the black labrador

‘Lottie’  © Peter Gander
Winsor & Newton watercolour painting on 300gsm handmade Indian Khadi paper.