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Artwork for 2012 tea towel

All of the original linework for this was hand-painted by brush and ink, even the fonts, then scanned and composed with Photoshop. With a characteristic visual twist, this design depicts The London Eye as an Olympian’s rear bicycle wheel and is surrounded by amusing details of a typically varied collection of London spectators. Look out for the lost tourist, the 'proposal couple' and even a wandering gander! (See detail pics). To be printed in 'Union Jack red and blue' and now available as an art print at Folksy and Etsy and soon available as a tea towel (July 2012).

Tailormade tea towel - final art

Following on from a recent post where I showed this design as a pencil drawing/scamp, here’s the final artwork ready to be turned into a screen for printing (it will print green). Hand-painted brush and ink with hand-drawn marker on layout paper, scanned and reconstructed digitally.


With my graphic designer hat on, I have always been a fan of mixing two images to make a visual statement, so here’s an example, Skullbikery. It’s hand-drawn with a brush and ink (the shading on the left done seperately as a seperate ‘plate’ as it were). Then I scanned the artwork and added colour digitally. Designed to be produced as a digital print.