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Monday, July 30, 2012

Hand-painted ‘Pirate Tom’ sign

Perfect for those tree-house crows nests!

Still on the subject of swashbuckling pirates, here’s a hand-painted flotsam-style sign I made this morning for a client’s son. Painted in gold enamel and acrylic paints on old pine, scrollsaw-cut for that ‘just-washed-onshore-after-that-shipwreck-look’. Commissions available upon request.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hand-drawn Whitstable icons print

Whitstable icons print  © Peter Gander
For lovers of ‘The Bubble’, a reminder on the wall of why they keep going back to this lovely north Kent seaside town. Famous for its oysters and Oyster Festival, the Hammer House of Horrors actor Peter Cushing and the brass diving helmet (it was invented here). Whether a beer at ‘The Neppy’ is you bag or a plate of fish and chips on the beach is more your style, there’s sure to be a personal favourite on here. Printed on archival-quality A3 (297mm wide x 420mm high) paper with great lightfastness. Buy one on Folksy Original was painted with brush and black Indian ink, plus marker pens.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Design for the Herne Bay Festival kids’ tee shirt

1st (rough) visual for kids’ tee shirt with detail shots  © Peter Gander 2012
This is a low-res mock-up of my recommendation for the kids’ Herne Bay Festival tee shirt. Looking suitably piratey, the focal point is a burning fire sculpture of a pirate ship which will be featuring at the event.

Monday, July 09, 2012

Wall design idea for ‘The Beaney’, Canterbury

My mock-up of the design in-situ
The original 19th C High Street, Canterbury entrance to The Beaney.
So now you know!  © Peter Gander (after Chaucer!)
Details from the artwork  © Peter Gander 2012

The new bit of The Beaney to the rear, (the artwork would appear bottom left, full width of the stairs)

My rough sketch indicating the final idea - ‘The A to Z of the B and C’  © Peter Gander 2012
Canterbury City Council (CCC) recently asked local artists to submit their ideas for an artwork to coincide with The Beaney’s re-opening after redevelopment. The Beaney (formerly The Beaney Institute) is a museum, art gallery and community library/cultural centre.  The winning artists’ work will appear in the new wing which has been developed to the rear of the main 19th century building’s entrance. Occupying a lovely airy space above the entrance stairs, it measures 1.5m x 10m so it’s a great opportunity and one I particularly relish as I went to art college in Canterbury and it would be a fabulous opportunity and honour to have my work exhibited in such a great venue as The Beaney so I wait with bated breath for the council’s decision.

The concept is that whilst the area is huge and people are just arriving, leaving or looking across form the nearby mezzanine and perhaps can’t take the whole thing in at once, they can take a bite-sized fact away with them. This sits in line with the spirit of the place in imparting information in an interesting fashion. ‘The A to Z of the B and C’ provides an amusing alphabet of Beaney and Canterbury (the ‘B & C’ bit) tidbits such as the connection between ‘Canter’ and ‘Canterbury’ in a palatable way. I chose the new Beaney identity’s purple colour to add a simple two colour effect to the drawings, with a tint of the same, ensuring the piece wasn’t visually busy. A simple papercut-style floral trail snakes through the work, adding a ‘journey-like’ element to the work. I didn’t address every letter of the alphabet, it was merely a sketchy indicaton of my main idea, the intention being, should I win the work, that I will work alongside The Beaney to complete the piece. It will be reproduced digitally and exhibited on a large roller-blind-like ‘canvas’. The whole thing will be hand-drawn, of course. And hand-lettered.


Thursday, July 05, 2012

Herne Bay Festival 2012 commission

The Festival celebrates its 20th anniversary this year
I have just met up with a Canterbury City Council (CCC) client and have been asked to come up with a kids’ tee shirt design in one colour for The Herne Bay Festival 2012 in August, so watch this space. I will post up the 1st stage scamps (pencil sketches) here next week. The festival is a 9 day event with music, street theatre,dance, bandstand performances, workshops and entertainment and this year the festival is 20 years old. I hope to incorporate many of the following in the tee shirt design: Pirate & Lantern Parade; a Giant; a Crab Catching Competition; Spitfire/Breitling/Mustang air displays; an Open Air Screening; Science Museum Shows; a Sandcastle competition; a Giant Picnic and Fireworks, so my work is cut out, as they say. Oh, and a Punch and Judy Show, of course.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Tracy’s Tailormade Tea Towel - the devil’s in the detail

The full picture
The client’s shop

A local and not-so-local vintage


Traditional Indian motif

Close-up of the weave and tea plant flower

Australia map

Polo player

Pooh bear
I’ve been asked to show some of the detail in this tea towel close-up, so here are the shots showing some of the many small illustrations that make up parts of the whole...