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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

'Whitstable Wind Farm' from sketch to print: background

Following in the spirit of my 'Winderful Whitstable' posters & postcards of the past which have been very popular, I am looking at a new slant on the title, but this time using the Kentish Flats Windfarm, off Whitsable's coast, as inspiration for a new linocut, or possibly block print. The windfarm, built in 2005, is 10km from the shore (just visible on the horizon in my pic) and consists of 30 wind turbines, each 140 metres (459ft) high, taking up around 10 square km in total. The rotors are 90 metres in diameter and the turbines were installed by a specialist ship which had immersible legs which stood in the 5 metre deep water whilst the monopiles for the shafts were driven into the sand and clay seabed. The total average annual output from the farm is circa 280 million kWh. Windfarm pictures copyright and courtesy of Elsam:

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