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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cockerel, white ink on black

Today's lunchtime sketch, a Chinese-style cockerel painted in white ink in my black paper sketchpad. Painting the fiddly tail feathers in the negative was a little tricky and not wholly successful, but the inner body feathers in white on black are effective, especially where the white ink sinks in giving varying strengths of white, depending on how dilute it was.


  1. The style and exicution of this "reads" beautifully at my end!
    Very interesting and artistic!

  2. Hi Peter!.... I absolutely love this calligraphic cockerel.... very nicely handled... those deft strokes of well-placed white-on-black!

    The piece reminds me greatly of a wood block image or linocut. There's something very strong and inviting about black and white rendering... of any medium!

    I very much love the soft intimate study of your minnowing children! A very sensitive piece!

    Wram regards... and Good Painting!