Adam & Eve in a carved snake frame

A quick backtrack to Christmas and a case of 'artist imitating frame' here. I bought this amazing (Indian?) carved wooden frame from a lovely antique shop called Warehams in Whitstable for my girlfriend Fiona. It was unglazed but that was soon remedied by a visit to a local glaziers. The frame is intricately carved in a pierced style and reveals four snakes eating each other's tails around the edge. Surrounding these creatures is a jungle of delicate leafwork and flowers.
It's a stunning frame and naturally inspired the linocut image of Adam and Eve. The print is hand-burnished, on white cartridge, though I may yet experiment with green-tinted papers or even another linocut image, as this one was completed speedily for Christmas! (The ink up close is visibly stuck to the glass!)


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