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Monday, November 09, 2009

Whitstable Fish Market Figure, hand-coloured

Not a great image quality as I had to shoot it behind glass now it's up in 'the exhibition (ends tomorrow). The colours here (for those local, 'in-the-know types) are the original colours he was painted in, not the current colour scheme of garish process yellow, etc. The original figure had nicer, egg-yolk yellow waterproofs and the cod was as shown, as opposed to the flat silver he's now rendered in.


  1. this turned out so great, Peter! Makes me want to do a lino block!

  2. Hi David, show went well, sold 13 out of 15 paintings/prints, so I was elated. Thanks Vicki for your comments. Seeing your 'Feathered friends' earlier this week, (as a hen owner), made me want to paint!