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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Black as the Night (crow) 091117

Black as the Night Crow © Peter Gander
Did this during lunchtime at work. Drawn in white Conté Pastel pencil, or rather, not drawn, as everything but the crow is drawn of course! On Daler-Rowney black sketchbook. The smaller crows were ticked in afterwards with a black Conté pastel pencil. With my new passion for relief printmaking, I see a strong future for this kind of image with its strong design and mono appeal.


  1. I like this too Maybe I should get one of those sketchbooks with black paper. Would look good as a print thats for sure Nice to meet you Peter !!

  2. Thanks Aine, I had a 'gander' at your website/s, very interesting stuff, I will have to go back and peruse them at length! I also grabbed one of those Google Translator codes for my site too as I seem to have many foreign visitors ;)

  3. I just recently got published and I was wanting to know if you would let me use this art work in my book. (it's 10 fictional short stories)

  4. Hi BB, yes, by all means and thanks for asking. Just make sure that the © line appears as shown. Thanks. Will you have any samples?