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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Herne Bay Festival 2012 commission

The Festival celebrates its 20th anniversary this year
I have just met up with a Canterbury City Council (CCC) client and have been asked to come up with a kids’ tee shirt design in one colour for The Herne Bay Festival 2012 in August, so watch this space. I will post up the 1st stage scamps (pencil sketches) here next week. The festival is a 9 day event with music, street theatre,dance, bandstand performances, workshops and entertainment and this year the festival is 20 years old. I hope to incorporate many of the following in the tee shirt design: Pirate & Lantern Parade; a Giant; a Crab Catching Competition; Spitfire/Breitling/Mustang air displays; an Open Air Screening; Science Museum Shows; a Sandcastle competition; a Giant Picnic and Fireworks, so my work is cut out, as they say. Oh, and a Punch and Judy Show, of course.

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