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Sunday, August 08, 2010

Seasearcher fishing trip - no bites but 2 sketches

10 rods at the ready...
This morning I went out hunter-gathering. At least that was the idea. Fiona I think was feeling sorry for my me and my woeful record when it comes to catching a decent fish for the table when I go out beach fishing and had bought me a couple of sea-fishing trips for my birthday. This morning I was to spend one on the chartered fishing boat, Seasearcher, out of the Royal Port of Ramsgate which is about 13 miles east of where I live. As you can see from the sketch, the weather was rather (Paynes) grey and I was glad I'd packed the waterproofs. We were out from 9am until noon and it being midsummer my thoughts were on a lovely silver bass or three. Perhaps a string of mackerel. At worst a common dogfish, (everyone catches them, some catch so many they consider them a nuisance). Well, three hours later, the ten of us fishing caught a grand total between us of... nowt. Still, I did come back with a couple of sketches, so it wasn't entirely fruitless. 4B pencil and watercolour on rough 300gsm paper.
Squid (calamari) and herring to tempt those huge silver bass...
Well, I should have smelt something fishy when I discovered the boat was called Seasearcher and not Seacatcher. But to be a fisherman, you need to be an optimist and there's always next time... Permanent Pentel pen and watercolour wash on 300gsm watercolour paper.

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