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Thursday, August 05, 2010

'I love Whitstable' with colour in-progress

Although it may look half-decent here, the colour is just being put down loosely as a guide. The thin bleedproof layout paper, whilst perfect for tracing and pan drawing, is obviously poor in accepting watercolour, which just sits on the surface, but I am not concerned about finish as such with a quick study. When it comes to lino prints, I am a big fan of keeping it simple and you will note that I have made small 'swatches' of colour to the right of the drawing in order to keep note of how many colours, or lino/relief blocks that I'll need to cater for. Having said that, the beach portion will be a colour graduation on the printing roller itself, going from a sandy tone to a light cream at the base, which is effectively a single colour as the blend is done in one go.

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