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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sketched in the City: Tap East, Stratford City, London

Definitely half-full - a pint of Tap East’s finest London Extra.  © Peter Gander Oct 2012
Finding a pub for a cheeky one near a train station when you’ve got a spare 20 minutes usually involves buying into a naff nationwide chain on the concourse. So imagine my wonderment at seeing not just a bar virtually at the top the escalator by the high-speed line home to Kent at Stratford International, but an in-house microbrewery too. Situated on the outside corner of the Great Eastern Market area of ‘Olympic-tastic’ Westfield shopping centre lies this hoppy haven, not only for opportunist commuters but unkeen ‘shopping halves’ too. It must be a tall order making a place like this feel as welcoming as your local back home when the place has glass walls and a shopping centre out front, but it’s been done well. When I visited tonight there were no less than ten unusual-suspect keg beers on (US beers, wheat beers, etc) and five closer-to-home ales on handpump. I opted for an amber ale, London Extra, (5.6%) sketched above, which was excellent. Apparently the guys running this place run Utobeer in Borough Market and The Rake pub. There’s also interesting grub like Bratwurst too and good ol’ pork pies if your pint gets lonely. Go have a gander - this ‘rail ale’s even worth missing a train for...
Indian ink (scratch/dip pen) and Winsor & Newton watercolour on 300gsm The Langton Grain Fin NOT watercolour paper. Original for sale (UK only) @ £50 inc P&P, email petergander(at)

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