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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Agistri, Greece - Rosy's Little Village, Nonda's friend's boat

Finally, in this sketchy journey through Rosy's Little Village, as you look out across the sea to nearby Aegina, Rosy's husband Nondas has his own speedboat and this larger sailboat moored nearby, belonging to his friend. Both take guests for trips round the island to swim and picnic in secluded, turquoise coves. RLV also have two sit-on-top canoes for their guests, which Fiona and I took out one day for a lovely view of the land from the seaward-side. Here I used masking fluid to retain the white of the paper for the narrow masts. In the Greek sun, (around 35 degrees C), the paint dried very quickly and it was quite hard to keep up with the fast-evaporating water, even in my shaded spot!

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