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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Outside Prets, Oxford Street, London

Too busy right now with getting married in two days time for this lunchtime sketching business, so 'here's one I prepared earlier'. From my 'Sketched in the City' blog/archive which I am gradually migrating onto this blog for simplicity's sake. A young man listens to his iPod watching the world go by outside Prets in Oxford Street, London. I quite liked the recessive blue and white figures against a bolder foreground figure painted with the addition of black Indian ink. Black ink & Quink ink plus white Conté pencil on recycled sketchpad.


  1. Peter! Did I hear you right?! Getting married?
    If that is correct I would like to say CONGRATULATION!! Cheers! I want to wish you and Yours the Very Best!
    Post something more on your blog if you can!
    (About getting Married!) I'm surprized to hear this!

  2. Oh! And I like your painting sketch too!

  3. Thanks Bill, it was an amazing day or two!