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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Onto a Big One

The following is my short story-writing entry (very short at only 150 words) in the current Sage 'Salmon Tales' fiction-writing competition. The drawing isn't judged (or included even), but I had already posted this sketch earlier and now you can appreciate it in its intended context. I'll let you know if I win a salmon rod. Any comments or other support is welcome! Thanks!
The pool looks particularly tricky to cover. I straddle a rocky channel and back-cast to avoid the overhanging trees. The line sweeps sweetly round behind me. I wait. A hiss as the line pulls tight, then nothing. A boulder, surely. A huge bow-wave surges towards the rocks I'm standing across. A giant salmon emerges, thrashing its way through the shallow pass. The line snags, then snaps with a hiss. I panic. As the beast appears below me I drop onto its back, gripping its dorsal fin, clamping its body with my legs. We descend into the dark pool. Freezing darkness, green and white flashes of light all around. The salmon bucks and bolts as I snatch gulps of air. We beach on a shallow bank. Exhausted, I loosen my grip on him. He looks me in the eye for a moment then slips away into the dark water.

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