Fish-shaped shoal (white ink)

Or perhaps a 'fish-shaped hole'? Well, it's fish-shaped in the negative at least ;) This painting would make for a great linocut, particularly as no fish overlap, so I will put it in my 'to do' folder, behind some other creative tasks. If it were a linocut, a central, radial gradation of the white, perhaps to blue, would be very effective. Perhaps on a shiny silver paper too, it will be fun to experiment. I hope to get round to the linocut as a limited edition run for my August show at The Horsebridge in Whitstable. Winsor & Newton white ink with paintbrush on square black Daler-Rowney sketch pad.


  1. Just found your blog on a happy wander through the ethers whilst merrily procrastinating a far more urgent matter. Hope to comment isn't amiss.

    Am very taken with this work...especially drawn to the fish (with the cross-bite) in the bottom left hand corner. Reminds me of those deep sea hunters with the lantern eye?

    Did you intend for the 'hole' to look like a mouth? Since when I look at this (with an artistically amateur eye I apologise) I see a fish face looming out of the dark, mouth open (and black) with the two largest fish above resembling eyes?!

    Funny thing what the brain does with negative shapes.

  2. Hi Scarletti, it's funny, but I only noticed the 'eyes' after I had scanned it and seen it smaller, so no, not intentional but fortunate - I like the added twist! Yes, some of them do resemble the 'angler fish' though they are not really based on any species, simply stylised. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  3. Peter! You are an artists artist! I hope to see something fun & creative when I stop by, and you hit a home run!
    After reading what Scarletti wrote, I went to take a closer look, and Pow!
    You have genius in the mix.

  4. Hi Bill, Thanks for your lovely comments, I'm flattered ;)


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