Onto a Big One

Well, we can all fantasise! This sketched image fits in with an unpublished short piece of fiction I have written recently. I hope to report more later if the story has any success. Black Biro and white Conté pencil on brown envelope.


  1. let me know if it's ok to repost this one peter. i would love to read the story as well. is the manuscript finished?

  2. Hi El Pescador, I'm not allowed to enter the comp if the story's been published/read already and I can't submit it until June, so by all means use the pic if you want to in the meantime, but the words'll have to wait! In fact it'll be later than June by the time the winner's announced, so don't hold you breath just yet! (It's only 150 words too, so mega-short). Cheers,

  3. The "atmospheres" you create with these past couple of art pieces are amazing!
    Peter, you have another world at your finger tips.
    Not only can you illustrate, but your ideas are fresh and fun!

  4. Hi Bill, thanks for your typically generous comments ;)


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