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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Water margin

Recently my kids Hannah and Jack and I built a pond in the back garden so I guess I have been inspired to portray some aquatic life but in a way that stretches me artistically. And what better painting medium to portray water than watercolour? (Well, plus a touch of gouache too for the reflections). Nice and impressionistic, this was painted on Langton smooth, 300gsm paper.


  1. Fabulous! The idea of a backyard pond is dreamy!
    Hanna & Jack will remember this forever!
    A nice retreat to go and ponder, stire the senses and enjoy.
    Very cool Peter! Your painting and story has me imagining too!

  2. 'Water Margin' ? I can't see Monkey in there anywhere.

  3. Thanks Bill, I virtually completed the pond over the weekend too. As for your comment bro, awful joke ;)