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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Elephant Man poster with type

This final version shows the block print-style text has been added. The artwork has also been cropped within the bleed area. The font I feel works very well with the intentionally 'fatigued' block printing style and crude linocut technique. Knowing the Sawbridgeworth Players (Herfordshire, UK) I am sure the play will be equally as atmospheric!


  1. To me, this is fine art in advertising!
    The illustration is wonderful. The type & copy
    look great!
    That background color and shapes also echoe an elephant.
    Peter, as I get to see your work, more and more I get impressed that your art will entertain the world! Keep on doing it!!!

  2. Hi Bill, that's funny, I hadn't registered that the background shape resembled an elephant - but you're dead right! Thanks for your lovely comments.