The minnow hunters

Well, admidst the three inches of snow in Kent at the moment, I thought I'd send a ray of sunshine in the shape of this watercolour of a couple of years ago. The minnow hunters in question are my children, Hannah & Jack. They were looking for tiddlers in a stream which fed the mighty river Avon in Hampshire. Painted from photographic reference, but with a healthy portion of artistic licence in omitting unnecessary background detail, I think it nicely conveys the seemingly endless summers of youth.


  1. A very pleasent summer scene.
    It does evoke an endless summer of childhood.
    I grew up near a lake, and this reminds me of
    how we would do the same.
    Except I've never heard the word "Tiddlers"

  2. Thanks for your comments Bill. What DO you call tiny fish over the pond then? ;)

  3. We also call them Minnows. Thank you for your kind comment about my painting . "Summit Pilsener"
    I really like this it has all the freshness and light of a summer day, Nicely done!

  4. As I was leaving your page I noticed your post ...
    I Love it. It's so true. Would you mind if I used it on my page?

  5. Thanks for your comments too Judith and yes, I don't mind a good message being re-used ;)


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