Titled somewhat ironically as the guy is obviously asleep, but he had the word Adventure emblazoned on his outdoor coat. Hey, everyone’s entitled to a day off from climbing Everest. This was my very first drawing to christen my new (and first) Moleskine sketch book. Sleeping models are such useful subjects. Apart from the odd waking up episode where he eyed me suspiciously, he resumed his pose well. Anxious never to waste a single spare centimetre of paper, I sketched this on the inside front cover. Fountain Pentel on cream-coloured Moleskine pad.


  1. I look forward to seeing your post, and this is
    The style is fun, fresh, and real! The story
    is also!
    Peter, I wish my moleskin had drawings like this! I need to practice up some.
    Thanks for this inspiration, You truely are
    an original artist!

  2. Thanks for your great words Bill!


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