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Monday, January 04, 2010

Benson the 64lb carp, RIP 2009

Reading the festive 'looking-back-at-the-year' Angler’s Mail over the Christmas break, I read about and was inspired to sketch Benson, a 64lb common carp, who shuffled off his watery mortal coil to much media attention during 2009. Massive carp aren’t really my bag when it comes to fishing, though I do enjoy catching carp with a fly rod in the summer. But it must be something else to catch a true whopper like Benson and credit to anyone who managed to pull in this bag of spuds! Charcoal pencil and Quink ink on Khadi Indian rough paper.


  1. Peter! New here!
    I found this site, and after looking through its entirety, put you in my favorites!
    You work, your art, is fun, fresh, and unique.
    I always enjoy a creative artist!
    Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. Hi billspaintingmn - thanks very much for stopping by an commenting, kind words indeed. Feedback like yours makes it all worthwhile ;) Looked at your site too - you have some fine paintings there, all the best for 2010!