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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Whitstable fish market figure: lino print

One of the first pulls, (hand-pressed). A good result, but I’ll be tweaking it here and there of course. Some of the lettering needs tightening up, for instance. Water-based block printing ink on brown wrapping paper.


  1. very cool peter, and old school. i really like the fisherman. i do think "local fish" could be bolder and the fish kind of resembles a seal, but the eye doesn't really focus on it.

  2. I think your design is very good as its is bold and it stands out. I like it (:

  3. Thanks El Pescador and 'anonymous' ;) I do plan to make the 'local fish' bolder as I too thought it was a bit spindly. The cod does have a seal-like face, but I didn't want to change it to my tastes as the original is quite naive in style. Will be hand-colouring a prit very soon, so kep looking and thanks for the feedback you two ;)