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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Conté ‘carp on black’ sketch series 3 of 3

I was on a roll with the third sketch and it shows with the looser, more fluid feel. The Conté is blurred by the finger to intimate movement, which seems to work well. Well-composed, it's very much like my earlier post, ‘The Yin and Yang of fly fishing’.


  1. This is chalk, right? It does follow the movement and pattern of yin and yang! Love the circular shape. The fish you drew reminds me so much of koi fish. Or this is koi fish?

  2. Hi Lunardancer, The white medium is Conté pencil, so similar to chalk, yes, but finer and easier to use. And the fish are loosely based on carp/koi, but are largely imaginary and drawn without reference.