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Friday, August 21, 2009

The Yin and Yang of Fishing

I was reading (US author) John Gierach’s 'Trout Bum’ (Fly-Fishing as a way of life) this morning on the way to work and was inspired to get my sketch book out. A man who’s familiar with the delicate balance of the right timing, the right fly and the other influences one doesn’t have any control over when fishing, Mr Gierach would certainly get this. The harmony of it all going right on the day, The Yin and Yang of Fishing. I had originally planned the composition the ‘usual’ way up, but it looked much more relaxed with the character lying side-by-side with his catch in harmonious bliss. Black Bic biro on recycled sketchbook. As featured across the pond in the US on Steve Stracqualursi’s website Way Thanks for the interest Steve. (UPDATE: 17 Sep 09: PS Apologies for mis-spelling 'Ying' on the drawing!)


  1. Peter, What an absolutely wonderful site...
    It was like taking a most delightful stroll on the positive side of life.. I thank you for being you..

  2. Very clever ideas, well executed.
    however, in the interest of accuracy, please note that it should be yin and yang, yin with no final G.
    other than that, great!

  3. Hi Yugan,
    Yes, sorry, I spotted that spelling error a while ago and was gutted that it was written in indelible ink! My Western ignorance, I'm afraid, but now I know and I'll make sure, if it becomes a painting, that it's spelt correctly. Thanks for your comments anyway, Peter