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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Whitstable dog walker SOLD

I dropped this painting off to a buyer in Holborn today. Turns out she went to Uni with someone that worked with me at Elvis (my day job). Small world! Don't forget to leave that feedback Emma, thanks!


  1. Hi Peter - thanks for the visit and insight. You're right of course, there really are no "rules" to art. If there were, I probably wouldn't follow them anyway!
    Love your paintings and sketches - the postcards are wonderful.
    Looks like we're in the same line of work. I've never hear the term "skamping" I wonder if it's called something else here in the states?

  2. Thanks for your comments Deb, I'll keep looking at your great work!

  3. Hi Peter, small world indeed!
    Thanks so much for painting the 'Whitstable dog walker' for my Godson's christening. Really appreciate you doing it for me after the first one was sold so quickly!
    Thanks, Emma