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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Biro sketch for ‘WWW’

I may accentuate the clicking heels as they are suffering from foreshortening, but this is essentially on the button. The Whitstable Fish Market under The Crab and Winkle Restaurant has a very distinctive hand-painted white lettering style on the black wooden shiplap buildings, which I am keen to mimic. Like my ‘Whitstabubble’ artwork, I have included the crab with his winkle in the image for added humorous edge. A couple of steel supports remain twisted on the base as he jumps free.


  1. Hi Peter, great blog! I love your sketch book drawings, you are still brill at this sort of thing! I remember at college you were one of the best. Thanks for your email, unfortunately I do not have the gallery any more but know a lot of gallery owners down here, if you want to send me some postcards I can show them around for you? I am following your blog now, pop over and see mine some time! Jane xxx

  2. Hello Jane, thanks for the kind words. College (Art Foundation, Barnet, N London) seems eons away doesn't it? It's only 29 years ago! Doh! Anyway, more about the present, thanks for the offer, I'll put 'Oh we do like...' postcard in the post - can you email me your address? I had a 'gander' at your blog, very sweet, what a beautiful neck of the woods. Peter x